We make blockchain startups, projects and entrepreneurs profitable through media coverage, marketing and consulting.

With hundreds, if not thousands of projects launching in the blockchain space every day, week and month, only the ones who get known and loved will win the battle. Now this is the kind of battle the PR Parrots Team specializes in helping you win.

Public Relations

We provide guaranteed media coverage, placements, and mentions in the news just because we can. Having built strong relationships with over 500 journalists, reporters, bloggers and editorial teams in the last 10 years, we help our clients tell their stories on over 1,000 media outlets: top tier publications, podcasts and TV channels. We cover several industries but focus majorly on the cryptocurrency, startups and the blockchain as a whole. We deliver results in days and have been able to make things happen in 24 hours on multiple occasions.

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Media Strategy and Consulting

PR goes beyond just getting you in the news as we suppose you know. When we consult with you, we brainstorm ideas and strategies that will help you grab media attention. Think about those stunts that turn startups to overnight sensations. Think about viral trends that blow up businesses and projects. Now that’s what we’re talking about. We will come up with attention-getting concepts and stunts that turn the entire industry to your direction in a very short time. You can and should become the trend. And guess what? To the best of our knowledge, nobody does this in the blockchain industry at the moment.

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Marketing Services

We are strongest at content marketing. We will write you in the hearts of crypto enthusiasts everywhere on the planet. From content on your website to whitepapers, wikis, guides, books, product descriptions, and social media content; we got you covered. Graphics and video content are available too as we have experts who do just that. Together with and through Digibridge, our partners, we also work closely with top influencers who run podcasts, YouTube channels, Telegram groups, Twitter accounts and Facebook groups,

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Unmatched Quality

With over 24 college trained experts scattered around the world in our team, have peace of mind knowing you are in safe hands. From conception to conclusion, we maintain the most acceptable of industry standards, thanks to several years of experience.

Unique Technnique

Our team is made up of half a dozen doctors who love the blockchain. And what is more? We bring clinical precision, diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic effect to the art of identifying and solving the problems that are holding your project back from success!

Trackable Results

We don’t get paid to try; we get paid to deliver results. In an industry where most experts only care about the money, we’re one of the few companies that give free samples and offer moneyback guarantees just because we’re that confident. T/Cs apply by the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these services for?

Our services are ideal for blockchain related projects, entrepreneurs, brands, performers and startups.

What forms of media coverage do you provide?

Written content (articles, press releases, guides, blog posts, tweets etc); video content; images; and audio content through podcasts. Coverage on text media cuts across top tier media outlets like BusinessInsider, Fox, CBS, Forbes, Cointelegraph, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Techcrunch, MarketWatch, Coindesk, and about 1,000 others.

What guarantees do you give?

For press coverage, results are 100% guaranteed as we have contacts at over 1,000 media houses globally. For influencers, we have a bunch of them and will get you coverage based on their availability. The more useful your project is, the more effective our marketing campaigns will be for you.

What's the turnaround time?

For our PR services, you start getting results in as little as 3 business days after we get started. For certain media outlets, you can expect coverage in 1, 2 or 3 weeks.  For web content creation, whitepapers, influencers, Telegram group management, AMAs etc, we work with the respective teams to deliver in the shortest time frame possible.

How does payment work? Do you take allocations?

We accept payments in stable coins; USDT, BUSD, and USDC. If your project has utility value, we can accept 10% to 50% of payment in allocations.

What other marketing and PR services do you have for the blockchain space?

Our team and network also take care of: Market/competitor research; SEO; project analysis/review; influencer marketing; media/marketing strategy consulting; growth hacking; and community management.

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